Geo has a Fender Strat electric Guitar!

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For my 21st Birthday my dad bought me a beautiful Fender Stratocaster, mexican-made electric guitar. It was just mere months before that I started playing my housemates guitar, but it got to the point where more often than not "Geo, where's my guitar" was being yelled at me constantly. It was high-time I got my first electric guitar! Read More »


I've been playing Sam's telecaster!

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It's September, I'm back from Reading festival and I've started learning to play the electric guitar. Sam has lent me his lovely telecaster to play on, if I get good enough maybe Geo will be getting his very own guitar! Read More »


Geo's dream guitar!

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Geo Ibanez Guitar Here's a picture of the guitar I would love to own.

It's an Ibanez model and is the exact guitar used by the Slipknot guitarist. I bet it would make an amazing, heavy-metal sound. It's an amazing guitar, all white with minimalisic design features. It has double pickups, meaning it would produce a meaty sound. Perfect for Geo. Read More »